Membership Of COBSE


Conditions for grant of COBSE membership:

  1. (a) All Boards established by any State or Central Government as a statutory organization or a registered society or otherwise;

    (b) All other educational organization conducting examinations at secondary and higher/ senior secondary stage which are issuing certificates recognized by the Central/ State Govt.

  2. It should have a defined territory of its operation.

  3. It should broadly conform to the National Curriculum Framework and send a copy of its curriculum, syllabus and textbooks to COBSE.

  4. It should submit, along with application to COBSE a copy of its rules and regulations including the rules of affiliation of schools.

  5. It should also inform COBSE about the schedule of external examinations and the local of centers for external examinations.

  6. The names of the office bearers, the structure of the board and the officers manning the various departments of the board may also be given.

  7. Along with every application for grant of COBSE membership, a sum of Rs.8500/- + GST may be sent by bank draft in favour of COBSE, Delhi towards processing charges.

  8. Once COBSE grants membership to a board as its member, the board will have to send the prescribed and the board will be deemed to have become member of the COBSE.

  9. The member board will have to send the annual subscription regularly.


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