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A brief on Counsil of

Boards of School Education in India

Publications(i) Sahodaya
(ii) Examination Reform
(iii) Open Learning System in India ā€“ With special reference to School Education
(iv) School Based Evaluation in India
(v) Towards Quality Secondary Education- An Agenda For 21st Century
(vi) Education & Human Development-A Futuristic Approach
(vii) Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation- A project report.
(viii) Globalization & its impact on School Education-a project report.
(ix) Examination Reform for Quality Education (A report of COBSE conference at Trivendrum)
(x) Planning Strategies for Universalizing Quality Secondary Education.
(xi) Teaching of Science and Maths at Secondary level – Issues and Concerns
(xii) COBSE’s folder and Package on AE Programme
(xiii) Best Practices to Upgrade the Quality of Secondary Education: 44th COBSE Annual Conference Report, Pune, 5-7 November, 2015
(xiv) Reorienting and Sharpening the Role of School Boards ā€“ A Report on COBSEā€™s RMSA Project
(xv) A Study of Boards Examination Results ā€“ 2012 (Classes X &XII)

Restructuring of COBSEA committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Ashok Ganguly, Chairman of CBSE & President, COBSE has been constituted to make COBSE more effective for achieving its objectives.

Future Plans

(i) Development of a learning centre at Gurgaon
(ii) Greater interaction with Boards of other countries
(iii) Universalizing CCE
(iv) Effective approaches to Value Education
(v) Integration of AE elements in curriculum.